Achievements added: Left 4 Dead 2

Thu, Dec 24, 2009


Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements have been added. Great achievements and how-to’s have been filled in, more to come soon! From, Still Something to Prove: Survive all campaigns on Expert, The Real Deal: Survive a campaign on Expert skill with Realism mode enabled,Violence in Silence: Navigate the impound lot and reach the cemetary safe room without tripping any alarms, Wing and a Prayer: Defend yourself at the crashed airliner without taking damage, Heartwarmer: In a Versus round, leave the saferoom to defibrillate a dead teammate, and Long Distance Carrier: As the Charger, grab a Survivor and carry them over 80 feet. It’s surely some hard achievements to follow! Read the whole list here:

Left 4 Dead 2 Full Achievement List

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Broken Steel Achievements not showing up on Live, fix incoming

Wed, May 6, 2009



Perhaps not realizing that the real achievement is the fun you have along the way, posters on Bethesda’s forums are in an uproar about not being credited for the Achievements they earned in the newly released Fallout 3 DLC, Broken Steel.

If you experience the same problem, take heart! Bethesda tells us [Via Joystiq], “The Xbox Live servers don’t seem to be fully synched yet with the additional Achievements. Microsoft is looking into it right now so that the Achievements folks have gotten will show up properly on Live (the game awards them, they just aren’t showing up right on Live for some reason). People won’t lose any Achievements.” (more…)

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Gears of War 2 Achievement Cheaters Nabbed, Gamerscore be-gone!

Thu, Apr 30, 2009



Xbox 360 Achievements are serious business. But obtaining that sweet Gamerscore nectar via nefarious means (like gamesave tampering) isn’t worth the effort, as shown by Microsoft‘s sweeping smackdown on Gears of War 2 cheaters.

Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb informed the community today that the company has zeroed out the Gamerscores of Gears of War 2 cheaters, apparently caught with their hands in the Achievement cookie jar. (more…)

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The Rules for 360 Achievements Explained

Tue, Apr 28, 2009



Microsoft‘s only on-the-record guidance on how Achievements are approved came more than two years ago, and the maximums it set then have been easily surpassed.

• A maximum of 1750 points and 80 Achievements for a full retail title. The Orange Box’s 99 achievements seem to be grandfathered in, although it’s an open question if they’ll be allowed to add more achievements should a Team Fortress 2 update come to Xbox 360.

•A quarterly maximum of 250 points and 10 Achievements for any additional DLC associated with that title. Additionally, these totals are cumulative, so a company could wait three quarters to do a large expansion with 30 achievements and 350 points, or parcel them out in smaller additions. X360A says its source explained the rule is meant “to stop companies from releasing a whole slew of content immediately after a game’s release to hit its 1750 max right away.”

The source had no answers if there were rules regarding rumors “no achievements for free content,” or requiring other peripherals or titles to unlock certain achievements. Still, this info, if legit, sheds a little light on how Microsoft tunes its policies with the goal of sustaining interest in a game.

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Fable II Adds 250 Achievement Points In The Future

Thu, Apr 23, 2009


fable-ii_01The upcoming See the Future downloadable content for Fable II could add up to 250 gamerpoints to your Xbox 360 gamerscore, if you get lucky.

I say if you get lucky, because one of the thirteen new achievements requires that the player “make love” twenty-five times, which for some of us represents many more times than in real life, depending on your definition of making love. For those of you who would rather stick to the path of purity, Lionhead has you covered. As long as you watch another hero making love twenty-five times you get the achievement as well. Pervert.

Luckily there are plenty of achievements on the list that don’t require doing the dirty, such as The Nutcracker, which simply requires you score twenty-five groin shots. Check out the full list below, containing several achievements that have nothing to do with the groin area whatsoever. (more…)

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Achievements confirm XBLA release of Altered Beast, Shinobi, Comix Zone

Sun, Apr 19, 2009



If a few questionable screengrabs and a handful of ESRB ratings weren’t evidence enough for you to believe in the XBLA-bound “Sega Vintage Collection Vol. 2,” we now present you with exhibit C — MyGamerCard recently dug up achievements for Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Shinobi, three of the titles belonging to the heretofore unannounced collection. Sadly, the other three titles which are rumored to accompany them, Sonic 3, GunStar Heroes and Phantasy Star II, are still unspoken for in the Cheevo department. We’ll let you know when we hear more!

See: Altered Beast achievements
See: Comix Zone achievements
See: Shiobi achievements

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Street Fighter IV’s achievements are down+right+fierce

Sat, Jan 31, 2009


We love Street Fighter as much as the last guy who grew up in the age of the arcade, so we know a lack of balance when we see it. That said, Street Fighter IV‘s achievements are not for the faint of heart. Starting off as simple as winning your first ranked match, they also include defeating Master Gouken as you clear the arcade mode’s hardest difficulty setting.

Those brave enough to go after all 47 achievements — most of which are more time consuming than actually difficult — can check after the break for the full list. Oh, and if we see you online, don’t just sit there doing the Hundred Hand Slap. Sure, it’s a legitimate technique… but so is strangling you with our controller cables. Just kidding! Our controllers are wireless. (more…)

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New Achievements Added – Scene It? Box Office Smash!

Mon, Dec 29, 2008


New Achievements Added – Scene It? Box Office Smash!

Achievements added for Scene It? Box Office Smash! I’ll be working diligently over the next week on adding many more achievements. Hit me up on that Contact page if you’re interested in a list that I haven’t added yet.

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Achievement Addict is back to being addicted!

Fri, Oct 24, 2008


Achievement Addict is back to being addicted to Achievements. (Unlike most of you) We’ve lost a little drive and support from our side to keep up the site, but it’s back and in full force!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, Achievement Addict along with On The Xbox have had total layout revamps. This is for the better, and for a lot more up to date updates – as it’s now 110% easier and faster to update than ever before.

But, without any help it’s hard to manage alone. Here’s where you come into play! If you’re interested in giving us a helping hand with either Achievement Addict or On The Xbox just drop me a note at the Contact page.

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Bad Company achievements one-up kill count, again

Mon, May 26, 2008

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Bad Company achievements one-up kill count, again

When Bizarre Creations’ third-person shooter The Club released its list of achievements, gamers laughed at the team’s one-up of the Gears of War online kill count–months later it appears DICE wants in on the joke too. Peaking at the achievement list available at MyGamerCard, Battlefield: Bad Company includes one achievement, “Beans Bullets Bandages,” that awards players 30 GS points for achieving 10,002 kills online.

While it was humorous the first time now we’re just worried the achievement will become a trend.

The rest of the list includes your standard mission completition, difficulty setting points with half of the achievements dedicated to the Battlefield: Bad Company’s online modes. One thing to note, for a title that was hailed as primarily a single-player focused experience, we wonder why nearly half of the achievements are multiplayer only. Battlefield: Bad Company is set to release on June 23.

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